Cooonet Platform

Cooonet Platform is a worldwide multipurpose online service exchange platform. Cooonet offers a blockchain-enabled, user-friendly digital alternative for users to search for and to provide services online. Our mission at Cooonet is to bring the service marketplace fully into the cloud and establish ourselves as the agglomerated, dynamically comprehensive, massive one-stop platform for the e-service gig economy.

A worldwide multipurpose online service exchange platform


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Cooonet Platform provides a high-precision and organically adaptive search facility; connects users in an interactive learning environment; and guarantees secure platform-integrated transactions between users. Cooonet creates a seamless learning and teaching environment that can also be customized for consulting, counseling and comprehensive service purposes — the marketplace in the cloud.

Most existing internet service platforms function more or less as intermediaries. Their business model typically revolves around charging one-time referral commissions, repeated commissions, or monthly subscription fees. Online platforms are highly niche, with numerous competitors in the same industry — standardized testing agencies, language learning services, or freelancer websites. Broader platforms tend to be O2O, focussing on geo-specific brick-and-mortar services such as finding a local cleaner or furniture installer. These O2O service connectors face inherent geographic constraints due to their real service type. Cooonet is the first e-services platform built to be fully virtual and completely comprehensive — and the first to incorporate blockchain.





Cooonet’s vision and scope is unique. Our ambition to become massively comprehensive and global — we envision a sprawling digital city powered by human ingenuity, needs, and wants. Our company direction is to become the e-services equivalent of Taobao (Alibaba’s Platform), the e-commerce Chinese giant: a virtual ecology where digital merchants can innovate and participate in a cloud-based, user-driven marketplace. Cooonet is also unique for its blockchain-enabled cryptotokens, facilitating international ease-of-use and growth as a global service exchange platform. Our implementation of viral marketing through our rewards sharing scheme is another innovative blockchain application that makes the Cooonet Platform an exciting and innovative venture.

Cooonet believes in unmediated, one-on-one, face-to-face interactions with service terms and conditions fully subject to between-user agreement.