Cooonet Technology

Cooonet Platform implements state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in our Digital Sessionroom, and uses blockchain technology to create the intelligent cloud economy. Our dynamically comprehensive search facility enables organic growth, allowing Cooonet users to innovate and create niche markets for odd services not originally listed, while at the same time preserving pin-point matching precision.

A Virtual Learning Environment

Cooonet Digital Sessionroom is a customizable virtual environment equipped with cutting-edge ICT optimized for distance learning. A toolbox of pedagogical and IT features enables fluid and seamless service exchanges. Informed by the design principles of simplicity and intuitive interfacing, the platform-integrated Digital Sessionroom is where Cooonet users meet for learning and service exchange.

Digital Economy: Smart Contracts and Cryptotokens

CoooSession is the powerhouse of the Cooonet digital economy, combining the latest blockchain advancements with a visionary edtech platform. The ERC20-compliant digital wallet and smart contracts system offer a revolutionary change to the worldwide e-service industry in matters of convenience and security.

The smart contract system promotes trust and ease of exchange between contracting parties. It facilitates a simple and secure way of entering into and fulfilling a service exchange contract. If the terms are agreeable, the parties will sign a smart contract on the smart contract system without the need for intermediaries or for meeting each other in person. The smart contract will execute automatically when the specified conditions are fulfilled and payment will be transferred to the service provider’s wallet. Services exchanged via smart contract are systematically noted on a permanent record, which is traceable and may be referred to in the event of a dispute. These service records may also be used for certification if needed, as proof of services provided.

Blockchain technology provides us with a decentralized and tamper-resistant system in which smart contracts and cryptotokens ensure smooth and secure transactions between users’ digital wallets.

Dynamic and Precise Search Facility

The Cooonet search engine is designed to encourage entrepreneurship and natural human innovation. Although Cooonet Platform offers a comprehensive range of services with hundreds of formal categories, we understand that marketplaces can become chaotic and will grow rhizomatically. To accommodate the emergence of unpredictable niche service markets and unanticipated, highly specific service types, our database systems are designed to handle organic growth and accurately match novel service seekers to novel service providers. Cooonet seeks to be the e-services equivalent of Taobao, a Chinese e-commerce platform giant that facilitates online sales of small business entrepreneurs.

In addition, Cooonet Search allows service seekers to search for service providers who best suit their needs based on conditions such as content, price, time, and duration. Cooonet Search is presently optimized for accurate schoolwork matching — a student from Guangdong province will be able to specify her syllabus and curriculum; a student from Kuala Lumpur will be able to find a tutor familiar with the Malaysian school system.