A truly shared Company!

Cooonet is established with sharing and love as its core humanitarian values and corporate philosophy. It will grow to become a truly shared company. CoooRewards is a sharing token to be awarded to participants who have contributed to the success of Cooonet, such as service or goods providers, service or goods purchasers, promoters, and donors or volunteers who participate in the Cooonet Charity initiative. CoooRewards are a reward cryptotoken distributed to regular and outstanding participants of the Cooonet project. CoooRewards may be exchanged for CoooCoin, and can be used for the acquisition of services or goods on the Cooonet Platform at discounted prices under the terms and conditions stipulated in the bonus/rewards schemes.

CoooRewards are strictly for reward or remuneration purposes. It is not for sale. However, upon receipt, it is fully tradeable and transferable.

The ‘Sharing Program’ is realized through unique ‘Bonus/Reward Schemes’ and state-of-the-art blockchain technology. Almost every participant shall be rewarded/awarded CoooRewards one way or another.

The Reward Scheme includes but is not limited to: Donor Award, Volunteer Tutoring Award, Consumer Reward, Service Provider Reward, Good Service Award, Learner Referral Reward, Tutor Referral Reward, Contribution Award, and etc.