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CoooCoin (COOO) - Crypto Token for worldwide multipurpose
Online service exchange platform.

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CoooCoin Public TGE

Begins in:

1,000 COOO = 1 KCOOO
1 KCOOO = 0.1 ETH

CoooCoin Token Generating Event


CoooCoin Corporation shall issue a maximum of 500,000,000 COOO (500,000 KCOOO) only.


Token Generating Event

CoooCoin Token Generating Event Price

CoooCoin Tokens are intended to be sold at the following rates during the Token Generating Event:

1,000 COOO (1 KCOOO):
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
1,000 COOO (1 KCOOO) 20% Bonus 15% Bonus 10% Bonus 0% Bonus

Cooonet in Asia

Asia, then the world

Cooonet is a fully integrated high-performance digital solution for online learning. Originally a Hong Kong-based edutech start-up, the Cooonet team has embraced blockchain technology to uniquely empower its product design and business model.

As a for-profit social enterprise, the Cooonet project will begin with education in Asia, targeting all market segments and bringing valuable educational resources to disadvantaged students from across the world. Cooonet is disrupting the multi-billion-dollar education industry by challenging the traditional intermediary model and offering a novel alternative to institutionalized agencies: a global marketplace for people, by people.

As an open marketplace based on decentralized transactions, the Cooonet edu-tech suite is a platform that taps fully into the potential of blockchain. The Cooonet project isn’t just restricted to education — it is a dynamically comprehensive open marketplace determined by user needs and wants. By supporting online service exchanges of all kinds — various langauges or skills acquisition, professional services and consultation, knowledge and practice — Cooonet can grow into a massive digital economy with huge circulation usage for CoooCoin.

In an increasingly interconnected and digitalized world, the Cooonet project is possible: starting with global access to education, and moving to bring the growing gig economy into the cloud.

“I’ve been predicting that by 2030 the largest company on the internet is going to be an education-based company that we haven’t heard of yet”

- Thomas Frey, the senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute

Cooonet Technology

Building the Digital Capital

Rhizome DBMS

Rhizome DBMS

A dynamic database-management system that enables the organic emergence of unpredicted niche markets, allowing multi-directional marketplace growth driven by the needs and wants of use.

Virtual Space

Virtual Space

A virtual learning environment integrating cutting-edge ICT with pedagogical functions, built to industry standards and according to intuitive interface design principles.



An intelligent online economy powered by smart contracts and cryptotokens, enabling unmediated peer-to-peer trustless transactions and viral growth strategies.


Cooonet Platform

A worldwide multipurpose online service exchange platform

Teaching anytime, anywhere
Learning anytime, anywhere


Standardized Testing
Coding and Software
Interests and Hobbies


Cooonet on Charity

We are committed to helping students in need evade lifelong poverty.

We recognize the importance of nurture and care for students in need.

We recognize the power of charitable people willing to extend a helping hand.

We recognize the importance of full transparency and accountability in charitable works.

Cooonet hopes to be a significant contributor in the effort to provide opportunity and resources to young students in various parts of the world, particularly those in underprivileged or impoverished regions. Many children and young adults in less privileged areas have little access to reasonable educational resources, and often face bleak prospects for upward mobility. Cooonet hopes to improve global access to knowledge, education, and know-how by partially or completely subsidizing the cost of tuition for underprivileged students through its Cooonet Charity initiative. The Platform will also gladly welcome volunteer tutors who charge lowered rates for charitable purposes, and engage with these students with care and compassion. The world needs more love.

Cooonet Charity is transparent, open and accountable, non-profit, and motivated by a dream of a better world. It is one of the pillars of the Cooonet project.


Core Team

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  • Idea creation, business plan development and business strategies formulation
  • Platform alpha prototyping, analysis and improvement
  • Platform architectural design development
  • Platform development
  • Platform testing (part-by-part)
  • Platform integration with blockchain technology
  • Platform beta testing and improvement
  • Platform version 1.0 soft-launch with services: academic teaching and tutoring
  • Setting up operations in Hong Kong and China
  • Platform version 1.0 – English and Chinese Language on global launch
  • Driving Platform adoption and community development
  • Launch of Cooonet Charity Centre
  • Setting up operations for Taiwan, Japan and Korea
  • Platform version 2.0 launching
2020 & 2021
  • Setting up operations for ASEAN countries (including: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia & Phillipines)